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Welcome to Drive4all, I offer automatic driving lessons across Willesden, Harlesden, Kilburn, Maida Vale, Shepherds Bush, Greenford, Hendon, Mill Hill, Edgware, Park Royal, Acton, Ealing, Chiswick and surrounding areas, with good knowledge of local roads.

  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Female Driving Instructor
  • Fully Qualified, DVSA Approved
  • Patient, friendly, professional lessons
  • High Driving Test Pass Rate
  • Nervous pupils & overseas learners
  • All levels & ages welcome
Fully Qualified Female Driving Instructor

I am a fully qualifed female driving instructor. I like to keep the teaching environment calm, friendly and professional to ensure that my pupils are relaxed and taking in information as each lesson progresses.

I enjoy seeing my pupils improve and gain confidence throughout their course of learning. I am happy to teach complete beginners from their first lessons up to full licence holders looking for refresher training and overseas drivers hoping to gain more experience on the UK roads.

Driving lesson Offers and Deals acrpss Willesden, Harlesden, Kilburn, Maida Vale, Shepherds Bush

Driving lessons take place on all types of road, giving pupils experience of many driving situations in order to make them well rounded drivers. For nervous drivers, and beginners, lessons take place on quiet roads to ensure there are less distractions from outside the car. The pupil can then build their confidence up whilst learning.

My driving lesson car is a well maintained, clean VW Golf with air conditioning and dual controls for the safety of the learner. It is a nice size for new drivers, with good handling qualities.

Become a well rounded, confident and safe driver!

Lessons can start and finish at locations of the pupil's choosing, as long as they are inside or near to the areas that I teach. Many pupils will use a driving lesson as a useful way to get to or from work or college.

I have various driving lesson offers for pupils, especially with block bookings where you will save money on the hourly rate.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. I hope you will consider taking lessons with Drive4all driving school - I would like to see you develop into a well rounded, confident and safe driver.

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To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Nathalia

Pupil Driving Test Pass

Yegane was a very patient and good instructor.

Passed the driving test first time!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Azita

Pupil Driving Test Pass

Thank you for all the help and patience you have had for me.

Really appreciate the way you teach no screaming no shouting but explaining everything in a very calm way. Wouldn't be able to pass without you.

Thank you so much Yegane.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Yasmin, HA3

Pupil Driving Test Pass HA3

After I'd been struggling with some other instructors, someone recommended Yegane. I was skeptical, but as soon as I met her, i know I'd pass with her.

She has such a calming, friendly personality, and she will help you get through anything.

Lessons with her were so much fun, and she constantly encouraged me. If I made a mistake, she'd explain it to me, which helped so much.

She is super patient, and will never give up on you.

I am so grateful to have learnt with her, and now I have my license!

Thank you so much Yegane.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Deborah, Edgware Road

Pupil Driving Test Pass Edgware Road

Yegane is a very nice instructor and she is very patient.

When I made mistake, she will point out professionally but with cheering and encouragement. This is the reason why I can build up my confidence in driving.

I highly recommend Yegane as she is so warm and good.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Narvan, NW9

Pupil Driving Test Pass NW9

I have had a wonderful experience learning with Yagana. She has helped me improve in my driving skills a lot.

She is the type of teacher that can be freindly as well as strict, which is really useful as I was able to learn from my mistakes with her.

She made me aware of my weak points and then supported me in overcoming them. I was the type to be nervous with new instructers but with Yagana I fealt really comfortable and confident.

I would definitely recommend her.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Hassan, W9

Pupil Driving Test Pass W9

It's been an absolute pleasure to have Yegane (DRIVE4ALL) as an instructor.

She made me Comfortable, confident and aware through all my lessons.

Passed my test 1st time and anyone who is planning to take driving lessons i would strongly recommend Drive4all Driving School.

Thank you ever so much yegane.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Serena, Willesden

Passed my test first time with only 30 hours driving!!

Thank you so much Yegane you're the best!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Ali, Harrow

I would recommend drive4all to anyone!

She is a really patient and calm instructor, I would not have been able to do it without you!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Freshta, Harlesden

My instructor is the best. She is so helpfull does not shout, scream or what so ever!

After my last instructor i gave up on driving but Yegane helped me gain my confidence back.

Thank for all your help!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Dunya, NW10

Amazing amazing lessons!

Not only does she help to become a safe driver but she also helps you to improve your self confidence on the road!

Passed first time after having to change instructors 3 times.

Thank you

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Karim, Edgware

Yegane was an amazing instructor; I passed in 30 hours first time!

Would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you for all you help!!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Yaqub, Edgware

Passed 1st time with my instructor Yegane!!

Genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met, and great instructor.

Lessons were always structured around my weaknesses, building up my confidence with every drive.

Always understanding when mistakes were made, whilst calming explaining how to improve.

I can easily say I've enjoyed every lessons I've taken with her.

Look no further for an instructor.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Essa, Edgware Road

Pupil Driving Test Pass Edgware Road

I had the best instructor ever, she made me pass and made me learn a lot with driving - without her I would of not been able to pass my driving test.

I recommend her to anyone who wants to do there driving lessons.

Thanks - the best instructor!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Hasfa, W11

My driving instructor Yegane is an excellent instructor. From the first lesson she narrowed down my weaknesses and helped me understand how to overcome them.

She is patient, kind and lovely but is firm when she needs to be, in order to teach you from right to wrong.

She really does want you to succeed and motivates you to not give up.

I truly admire her as an instructor she builds you up and I think this is an essential part of driving, having the confidence to overcome your own nerves as well as handling external situations.

I highly recommend her.

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Loubna, Harlesden

As a driver i was really nervous and couldn't get on the road - thanks to My instructor Yegane i am back on the road!

To: Drive4all Driving School

From: Duaa, Willesden

Yegane is a helpful and patient instructor who builds on your weaknesses and helps you become confident with your driving.

Thank you for all your support!

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